The School for Gifted Potentials Series

Orientation, the first book in the series The School for Gifted Potentials, follows a young gifted boy 100 years in the future through his failed attempt to stay out of a residential school for the gifted. Once he finds himself trapped within its walls, betrayed by the mother that he loved and trusted, he begins the painful journey of making friends, discovering his gifted characteristics, and struggling to adjust to his new world. Revelations, the second book in the series, reveals what caused his mother to abandon him, but also raises questions about his future. Rebellion, the third book in the series, follows Everett through a difficult choice that only he can make as he discovers where his heart wants to belong.

Orientation: The School for Gifted Potentials

ISBN-13: 978-1478108870


​One hundred years in the future, Government Observers roam the classrooms of average learners, looking for the rare gifted learners still left in the general population. One gifted child, who has been carefully coached by his mother to appear average, is unaware that his abilities have been documented by an Observer for years, until he is tricked into showing his mathematical strengths. He is devastated to receive a letter requiring him to test at The School for Gifted Potentials, but he cleverly sabotages the tests and is prepared to leave, only to discover that his mother has abandoned him at the school she has raised him to fear. During his one week orientation, as he undertakes an enlightening journey of self-discovery, he uncovers a secret about his mother's past that leads him to question everything that he once believed.


Revelations: The School for Gifted Potentials

ISBN-13: 978-1492110552

With his ORIENTATION behind him, Everett is officially a Gifted Potential. Just as he is learning to juggle assignments, friends, and his myriad of emotions, an unexpected visitor to The School for Gifted Potentials is announced. The school transforms as the staff and students eagerly await their famous guest, but his visit stirs up new questions about Everett’s past. What other secrets did his mother keep, and what will be revealed the longer Everett stays at the school that his mother had tried so desperately to keep him from?

Rebellion: The School for Gifted Potentials


Everett now has the unexpected choice to stay at The School for Gifted Potentials with his mother, or leave the school, and his friends, to return to their former life. Neither choice is ideal, and Everett quickly realizes that he will have to come up with a new plan of his own. With his friendships crumbling, and his tangle of secrets growing, Everett will have to overcome his fears and risk his future as a Gifted Potential to try to complete the rebellion that his mother started more than a decade ago. Will he succeed in overthrowing the Chancellor’s tight control over the SFGP, or will he find himself banished from the school that he now loves?

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