Everett now has the unexpected choice to stay at The School for Gifted Potentials with his mother, or leave the school, and his friends, to return to their former life. Neither choice is ideal, and Everett quickly realizes that he will have to come up with a new plan of his own. With his friendships crumbling, and his tangle of secrets growing, Everett will have to overcome his fears and risk his future as a Gifted Potential to try to complete the rebellion that his mother started more than a decade ago. Will he succeed in overthrowing the Chancellor’s tight control over the SFGP, or will he find himself banished from the school that he now loves?

What they are saying about Orientation:


“Orientation is a book that will appeal to the entire gifted community– kids, their parents, teachers of gifted students as well as gifted adults who have struggled with understanding their own giftedness. Many parents, I suspect, will use the book as a way to help their own children learn about social-emotional issues and how to deal with them.”

Lisa Conrad, Gifted Parenting Support


“The plot is fast moving and gets increasingly intriguing as the story builds, but there is a goal beyond simply entertaining. The more important purpose of Orientation is to educate young, gifted kids about their unique emotional needs. Since Everett is experiencing an orientation at a gifted school, readers will feel like they are attending class alongside him, learning about overexcitabilities, gifted characteristics, and communication skills.”

Ian Byrd, Byrdseed


“In her book, Orientation: The School for Gifted Potentials, Allis Wade has skillfully brought together the factual research of a past psychologist with a prospective world of the future, to create a unique book available in today’s gifted world: a novel. It is simply refreshing to take a break from textbooks and journals to find oneself riding an emotional roller coaster along with the characters in the book.”

Melinda Gindy, Board Director: Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented 


"The purpose of this book is to give gifted children a chance to see and better understand themselves in modern literature. They may relate to some of the overexcitabilities described, and even utilize some of the coping mechanisms. Also, gifted children may identify with the attempt to hide their abilities out of a desire to fit in. They may become more willing to accept who they are and what they're capable of becoming."

Sarah Wilson, Homeschool Review


What they are saying about Revelations:


"One thing is for sure … there is nothing predictable in this story line – nothing! It is layer upon layer of good writing and great strategies for parents and teachers of gifted students. Allis Wade takes complex concepts associated with giftedness and makes them understandable for all. Her experiences with gifted children are evident throughout the book."

Lisa Conrad, Gifted Parenting Support

"Wade, a teacher with a masters in Gifted Education, walks an interesting line with her series, balancing an entertaining sci-fi story while also setting up situations to teach the reader about themselves."

Ian Byrd, Byrdseed


What they are saying about Rebellion:

"The real importance of these books is the wonderful way the author has woven into the characters what it feels like to be gifted; to not be understood or to understand oneself very well. It delves into the role of 'overexcitabilities'; how they affect every aspect of life for those who are labeled 'gifted'. There is strife, self-awareness, fulfillment and eventually satisfaction. The author alludes to the heart-wrenching decisions parents of gifted children must make throughout their lives and always doubting themselves; the need for students to be involved in decisions affecting their education; and the importance of self-advocacy for all gifted kids."

Lisa Conrad, Gifted Parenting Support

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